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Innovation is change that unlocks new value.

InnoVent is a technology company providing Process Technology, engineering services &  AI enabled digital solutions software to the energy, chemical and renewable industries.

about us.

InnoVent Technology LLC provides process technology licensing, turnkey process plants and engineering and simulation solutions for chemicals, energy and renewable industries. InnoVent Technology also provides AI enabled Digital Solutions, digital operating procedures, and digital twin monitoring and training software.

We implement advanced digital solutions and engineering softwares such as ChemCAD simulation and engineering Suite, data historians, and leading Automation & Control systems (PLC/SCADA/DCS). Our engineering team provides “Concept to Commissioning” solutions from conceptual design, simulation, scale-up and safety studies, engineering, fabrication, and commissioning of the plant. Our industry focus is chemical, pharma, energy, gas processing and refining.

Certified Global Implementation Service Provider (ISP),a partner for ChemCAD simulation software suite, providing process simulation, engineering, optimization, and digital twin solutions.

Offices in Houston-USA, Pune-India, and Monterrey-Mexico.


Engineering & Process Technology Solutions

Driving operational excellence using our process industry expertise.

Engineering Solutions

InnoVent team has decades of experience in developing & delivering following engineering solutions:

  • Process simulation
  • Conceptual engineering and feasibility studies
  • Process safety management
  • Basic engineering
  • Detailed engineering
  • Turnkey process plants

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Process Simulation & Process Safety
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Process Technology Solutions

Please contact us for further information. Technology licenses for the following products:
  • Ethyl acetate
  • Butyl Acetate
  • Butyl acrylate
  • Acetic Acid Technology
  • Benzene to Aniline
  • Ammonia recovery from wastewater
  • Denitration technology: acid recovery from wastewater
  • InnoCarbon: CO2 recovery technology
  • Bioethanol Technology


Every purpose needs a platform.

Digital Solutions

VIP (Virtual Intelligence Platform) is a cloud-based software platform to convert “hard copy” based Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), manuals, operations checklists, and training content in to interactive and digital versions, with embedded photos, process flow diagrams, datasheets, and video learning tutorials. VIP takes real-time/historical asset information (Control systems, ERP, historians) and provides KPI monitoring dashboards deploying AI/Analytics/simulation to provide actionable insights and predict equipment and asset performance. AI/Machine learning algorithms include regression analysis, decision trees, pattern recognition and other predictive techniques.

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Experience. Expertise. Excellence.

Chemstations’ integrated suite of intuitive process simulation software fuels productivity for chemical engineering projects.

We created CHEMCAD to empower the role of chemical engineers across industry. To enhance their design, analysis, and testing capabilities so they can drive productivity throughout their organizations. Our outstanding technical support engineers make your CHEMCAD experience all the more seamless.

At XL Byte, innovation is a way of life. We think, connect and hatch new ideas to build innovative platforms that solve real-world problems. Being visionaries, what we see is our soul in things aiming to develop products that benefit millions.

XL Byte is a team of software addicts, conveniently headquartered in Bangalore (the garden city of India), Karnataka. We are smart and committed and our passion and creativity is unmatched.

ChemSepT is a fabrication partner. ChemSepT™ is a team of qualified professionals having hands on experience in relevant field of engineering & technology.

Our Team

Vibhu Sharma

Entrepreneur with a previous successful business exit. Chemical engineer with 27 years’ experience in the renewable, oil & gas, and chemical industries. Prior to InnoVent, Vibhu was VP of Advanced Applications at Wood PLC, a $5 billion engineering and automation company. Earlier in his career, Vibhu was CEO of Ingenious Inc, a technology and energy consulting firm, that was acquired by Wood in 2016.

Gautam Pradhan

Gautam Pradhan
Technical Director

Chemical Engineer with about 27 years of process engineering experience in Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemicals, Ethanol and Terminals, utility and off-site units. Gautam has held senior positions in many reputed companies like Wood Plc, Aspen Tech, Distichemi, Ingenious Inc., Triangle Simulation and Grasim Industries Limited.

Sergio Treviño
Technical Director

Chemical Engineer with 25 years of experience in polymer and chemical processes,  lab and pilot plant systems. Sergio specializes in seamless scale-up and cutting-edge technology integration. He consistently leverages this expertise to drive innovation and elevate project success to unprecedented heights.

Rodrigo Trevino

Rodrigo Trevino
Senior Advisor

PhD Chemical engineer from MIT with 35 years of experience in process simulation, modeling, asset optimization systems, kinetic models, developing comprehensive training programs tailored to refining, petrochemical, chemical, and polymer companies. This wealth of expertise promises to be a formidable asset to InnoVent, harmonizing seamlessly with their mission and driving innovation to new heights.

Pedro Carrasco
Senior Engineer, Mexico

Mechanical Engineer with an MBA focused on finance, having 22 years of  experience. Involved in EPC global projects,  2D drawings for equipment layout, ASME Pressure Vessel material calculations, project management, change control, scheduling, cost management, and resource supervision. Skilled in budgeting, mechanical engineering, and design of plots and drawings.

Fernando Flores
Senior Engineer, Mexico

Engineer with more than 30 years of experience, contributing as a manager, consultant, and designer across diverse projects. Expertise spans Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and Quality Auditing, complemented by a profound understanding of Statistical Process Control. Roles ranging from Mechanical Engineer, Staff and Plant Star-Up Staff.

Arvind Khete
General Manager-Instrumentation & Automation

Design, Selection, Installation & Commissioning of Field Instruments for various plants like Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverages, Distilleries, Boilers etc. Project Management & Supervision. More than 30 years of experience in Turnkey Instrumentation Projects executed in above fields. 23 years’ experience in Instrumentation field. Actual Automation and Instrumentation Manager.

Leslie Madín
Research Chemistry Principal

Industrial chemist with 10 years of experience. She has worked in different areas of chemistry, such as: analytical chemistry, materials chemistry, environmental chemistry, inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry, to develop new materials or chemical products, optimize laboratory practices, optimize processes and improve quality. Currently is the Research Chemistry Principal and Assistant Director.

Product Administrator

She has worked in various aspects of project management, including project planning, resource allocation, risk management, budget control, and stakeholder communication. Her expertise ensures that projects are completed on time, within scope, and on budget.

She is dedicated to fostering team collaboration and enhancing project efficiency.


InnoVent Technology LLC

Houston, TX 77005​


InnoVent Technology LLC

Terranova 329 Int. 203 Leones, Monterrey, N.L. Zip Code 64600​


Innovent Process Solutions Pvt. Ltd​
+91 9168168554
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Process Simulation

Process Simulation is a core expertise of InnoVent. We have developed high fidelity models for diversified industries and applications using leading commercial simulation software. InnoVent team has decades of experience in developing rigorous simulation models using most leading commercial simulation software. We develop steady-state and dynamic models for design, optimization, scale-up and transient analysis, and Operator Training Simulators (OTS).

Why Simulation?

Process simulation models are used for a variety of applications. For new projects, simulation models are used to generate heat and material balance, equipment sizing, design optimization, evaluating alternative technologies/process schemes and economic feasibility studies. Dynamic simulation models are used for control system design/validation and for operator training. For batch processes, simulation studies are done to optimize batch sizes, batch cycle time, operation steps for batch distillation and batch reactors.

For existing plants simulation studies are done to diagnose and rectify product quality issues, enhance capacity, improve energy efficiency and reduce off-spec products.

InnoVent has in-depth experience in developing and validating process models for variety of processes. Some of our core areas of expertise are:

Steady-State and Dynamic Models of Refinery Separation Processes: Crude Distillation, Vacuum Distillation, Naphtha Stabilizers, FCC Main Fractionator, Coker Columns etc.

Steady-State and Dynamic Simulation Models for Refinery Treatment Process: Amine Treatment, Sour Water Strippers, Caustic Towers etc.

Steady State Simulation Models for Refinery Reactors: These include FCC, CCR, DCU, NHT, DHT, HCU, ISOM, ALKYLATION. We build, calibrate and validate the process models of these units which in turn are used to optimize the units, predict yields and qualities of products with respect to changes in feed stock quality. The models are also used for generating input (delta vectors) for planning models (PIMS) enhancement and updates.

Rigorous Dynamic Simulation Models for Compressors: Rigorous dynamic simulation model for compressor performance analysis including anti-surge control validation, hot/cold bypass requirement, motor thermal limit check. We use first principles rigorous torque balance models to analyze the performance of compressors units during normal operation, turn down operation, emergency shut down, start-up, normal shutdown and other operational scenarios and propose appropriate modification to prevent the compressor from falling into surge and for safe operations.

Rigorous Simulation Models for Batch Reactor/Batch Distillation/Batch Processes: We undertake simulation of batch processes including batch reactors and batch distillation units to optimize designs and operations. For batch reactors, we apply first principles (Arrhenius, Hinshelwood-Langmuir, Fermentation/Biochemical & Catalyst Activity) reaction kinetic models to regress model parameters using variety of experimental data and simulate reactors with various heat transfer arrangement (Jackets, Internal Coil, Limped Coils) and agitations/mixing using variety of impellers geometries. This systematic approach helps in optimized design, maximized yield, minimized batch time and reduce off-spec/undesired side products with better process visibility, shorter product development cycle and faster process development.

Besides the above, we have the capability to build, calibrate and validate process models for virtually all process plants – be it Cement, Steel, Fertilizers, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Polymers, Petrochemicals, Ethanol, Distilleries, Natural Gas, Paper & Pulp, Mining & Metal Industries, Power Generation Plants, Water Treatment and Waste Management facilities. The models we develop not only provide the basis of design, it also provides reliable information and input for equipment selection and sizing, cost estimation, effluent generation & mitigation, control & safety system design and play the pivotal role at all stage of project life cycle – basic engineering, detailed engineering, construction, commissioning and operation.

Conceptual engineering and feasibility studies

Using simulation as a starting point and coupled with industry expertise, cost estimation models, we can provide feasibility and conceptual studies for new projects, revamps, scale up from lab to commercial scale. Our team has successfully executed over 15 such projects for global companies.

Process Safety Management

InnoVent’s safety and risk management services allow our clients to meet their safety, health, and environmental compliance. We have the experience to address issues ranging from operational risk, equipment integrity, loading limits or naturally occurring hazards. Our engineers use field-proven methods to offer clients practical, holistic risk management systems and solutions. From quantitative and probabilistic software-based risk modeling to qualitative hazard assessment, we can help you design an overall risk management strategy.

Some of the safety management services offered by InnoVent Includes:

  • Plant Pressure Protection Management: This includes identifying all creditable over-pressure scenarios, calculating relief load for all applicable over-pressure scenarios to determine governing case, perform PSV sizing, generating PSV process data sheet (as per API 520/521, API 2000, NFA-30, OSHA 1910.106).
  • Perform relief line sizing and hydraulics analysis for the flare network with respect to various relief scenarios.
  • Quench System Design for Emergency Relief where flare system network is not feasible.
  • Process Hazard Analyses (PHAs), HAZOPs.
  • PSM Compliance Audits.

Turnkey process plants

InnoVent team can provide basic, detailed engineering and turnkey process plants for small to mid-size production facilities in chemical and refining and renewable industries.

Solution Architecture

  1. Runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or similar.
  2. User login, role-based preferences, site and location management.
  3. Database management with master and replica databases to aggregate and process real-time and historical data.
  4. API adapters to Excel, major simulation software, data historians, and more.
  5. Visualization framework to create and edit dashboards, graphics, trends.

KPI Monitoring System

KPI Dashboard, with reports on Production, Sales, Performance, Efficiency of the equipment and resources. Data Analytics, AI/ML are incorporated using regression, pattern recognition and predictive models.
Asset Monitoring Steps:

  1. Collect and collate asset data
  2. Assess and analyze information via simulation models, ML (decision trees, regression analysis, neural nets, interpolation) and data analytics
  3. Use special templates for heat exchanger, compressor, reactor and distillation monitoring and optimization
  4. Visualize reports and KPI’s via dashboard.

InnoVent team has the expertise to provide process data historian configuration and implementation. A process historian allows users to capture data from a plant control system such as DCS, PLC systems, and Historize that data over a period of time, so that you can generate trends, history, performance parameters etc. for environmental and operational excellence purposes, users can track variations, anomalies, and generate KPI monitoring systems with dashboards. Data historian and MES solutions can be integrated with our VIP software for an integrated solution.

Digital SOP's and User Manuals

Our platform provides digital secure repository for Manuals, SOP’s and Media Files which can be accessed from anywhere by using a browser.

Our industry experts can perform comprehensive review of content, conduct site interviews for knowledge capture with experienced operators and experts, and updated SOP (Procedures), and Operations documents.

Operations Checklist

We create an interactive digital operations Checklist using videos, equipment images, engineering drawings, etc.

Our digital Operations checklist ensures that operators can perform complex startup/shutdown or Routine maintenance activities flawlessly. The Digital checklist works as an instant digital guide for process engineers/operators in the plant.

Smart Decision Tree

Knowledge capture using Smart Decision Tree. Capture what-if and cause and effect plans help to make smart decisions.